Meet Our People

Jessi Wagner

Jessi is an intuitive Reiki Master and Owner of SolSpace. As a former master’s level mental health clinician and lifelong health and wellness advocate, Jessi is passionate about empowering, educating, and healing women to let their whole selves shine - mind, body, and spirit. 

Jessi is a wife and mother of 2 and Executive Regional Vice President with Arbonne. Jessi has dreamed about creating a holistic and intuitive wellness center for years, based on everything she needed as a Mompreneur, then, very divinely, SolSpace was born. 

Rachel Backstrom

Rachel Backstrom has been teaching yoga for 14 years and sharing essential oils for 5 years. She teaches a breath based power flow at several studios in the North Hills and is so excited to connect with the beautiful community at SolSpace!

 Rachel lives in Wexford with her husband and 2 kids.

Elena Backstrom

Elena Baseman is the owner and designer of Elena Michele, LLC in Pittsburgh, PA. She started this company in 2015 when she made the decision to make a dream a reality. Elena studied Fashion Design at Indiana University in Bloomington and spent many years after graduation trying to figure out who she was and what she wanted to do. Elena always knew her passion and purpose was to design and create and also help and inspire others. This is exactly the mission for "Elena Michele" jewelry.

Resa Bush

Resa graduated from the Career Training Academy and has been a massage therapist for 13 years. She is certified in Swedish, Cupping, Hot Stone and many other services.. 

Kim Cardiel Earley

Kim is an Intuitive Kundalini Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master (attuned by Jessi Wagner), and an intuitive Tarot and Oracle card reader. Her passion is reiki and helping people heal traumas that cause imbalances in their chakras.
Imbalances cause illnesses and behaviors that don’t align with our highest self, and Kim has reincarnated to help with this. She uses different forms of divination in her healings and readings and looks forward to being at SolSpace!

Rachel Fagan

Rachel Fagan is a Master Certified Life Coach and Sound Bowl Facilitator and the owner of Inspired Evolution, LLC. She empowers her clients to live their lives to their fullest potential, helping them to uncover their strengths and use them to their advantage. She guides her clients to tune into areas of their lives that are nourishing, as well as areas that are draining, and supports them as they clarify their goals and dreams and incorporate daily “needle movers” to achieve them.

In addition to coaching, Rachel is a wife, mother, musician, independent consultant for a sustainable healthy-living company, virtual assistant to Dr. Christina Fontana-The Pharmacist Coach®, and former elementary teacher/reading specialist, bringing a wide variety of experience and skills to her coaching services.  

Alisa Gardner

Alisa Gardner is a mom to one teen daughter & two fur babies. She is passionate about supporting women into uncovering their fullest expressions, connected relationships, embodied freedom, and thriving in energetically aligned lives.

Alena Kupchella Gourley

Alena Kupchella Gourley, MSW is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and spiritual guide specializing in past life regression and hypnotic healing. I am honored to be a part of the process to help clients heal current or past relationship issues, physical, mental or emotional traumas, phobias, anxieties, addictions, reduce stress, insomnia, pain, depression and anxiety, improve sports performance, pre and post surgery prep, pregnancy, labor and birth and weight loss, smoking cessation. 
Utilizing hypnosis to access a past life and work with your Healing Angels, Guides, Ancestors, Elementals and Spirit Animals. Addressing any  physical, mental or emotional issues that need healing and fostering forgiveness! Opening to your spiritual gifts, embracing your divinity, healing intergenerational trauma, developing self love.

Kristy Jackel

Kristy is a Licensed Massage Therapist and graduated from the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in 2013. She is certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Prenatal Massage. Even though she is a full time teacher, massage has always been a passion of hers as well!!

Danielle Kelley

Danielle is a wife. and mother who, after her own experience of moving through pain, anger, disconnection and loneliness to hope, healing, and connection, has become passionate about empowering, educating, and guiding her clients to do the same. She has multiple certifications from Kain Ramsey's Modern, Applied Psychology Academy including counseling practitioner and mindfulness practitioner. She is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at Carlow University and recently founded E.E.G. Services with her business partner, Carmella Lee.  

Katie Kelly

Katie, from Clarity with Katie, is a Psychic Medium with 7 years of experience connecting people to their departed loved ones and spirit guides. In addition to Mediumship, Katie is also a Psychic And Mediumship Development coach; a Reiki Master in Usui, Non-Traditional, and Kundalini Reiki; an Astrologer; and Tarot reader. 
Katie is also co-owner of a brand new Holistic healing center in Indiana, PA and the host of the semi-annual Body, Mind, and Spirit Fair. 
And a busy mama of 4! 

Kristen Kyarka

As a homeschooling mother of 3 boys, I have an outlet in exercise and found it to be not only great for the body but for the mind as well!! 
Health and wellness play a very important role in my life! Fitness and well-being are a priority and I have a passion in motivating others to make it their priority too! I have a background in Personal Training and Group Exercise, and have completed specialized programs for Jillian Michael's BODYSHRED and Youth Fitness. It is never too late to begin taking care of yourself and finding your best life!

Katie Maloney

Katie's mission is to create a new conversation about trauma. When she first started working through the trauma she experienced, all she could find were conversations that focused only on resharing the trauma. But there are so many other parts of her story - parts that are beautiful, lighthearted, meaningful, funny, and significant. She needed those parts of her story to be included in conversations about healing from trauma.
Through her work as an Author, Speaker, and Trauma Survivor Coach, Katie's goal is to remove some of the heaviness that often surrounds conversations about trauma and to start new conversations that feel like just that - conversations with trusted friends with experiences similar to your own. You can check out her book Cake Pops and Coffee: A New Conversation About Trauma at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Jenna Marsh

Jenna is a 200-hour certified Power Yoga Teacher. She teaches a variety of styles of yoga including power, vinyasa, gentle, and restorative, and particularly loves teaching those who are new to the practice. She is also a Reiki Master, trained in both the Usui and non-traditional methods. Jenna's offerings include special yoga events, private yoga, reiki, and reiki attunements. 
Off the mat, Jenna is completing her PhD in Psychology and is a lover of all things charcuterie.

Marissa McCourt

Marissa graduated from Duquesne University as a Doctor of Pharmacy. She is currently a practicing pharmacist and specializes in treatment of Rare Diseases. In addition, she is a Reiki Master and a Certified Revelation Breathwork Facilitator. Her goal is to help bridge the gaps between western medicine and wholistic healing.

Melissa Montari

Melissa took her first Yoga Class at the University of Pittsburgh in 1996. She quickly committed to the practice and began teaching adults in 2004. In 2006 she completed her Yoga Training and is a certified 200 RYT. Over the years her yoga practice constantly adapted to her ever changing lifestyle and incorporated many years of Mommy and Me! She has taught all ages, styles and fitness levels and loves teaching everyone to be present, to tune in with their bodies and to connect their mind and body using their breath.

Meagan Reed

Meagan Reed is the founder of Sweet Escape Getaways. After many years of dreaming of starting an event business, it was time for Sweet Escape to come to fruition in 2022. Meagan is a momma of two sweet littles, Marley and Marshall. She has her bachelor's degree in communication from Slippery Rock University and her master's degree in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin. She received her yoga teacher training certification from Broad Street Yoga. Meagan has a freaking fire passion for planning events, making people feel good about themselves, movement & wellness, and having a good time. She is a Christian, motivator, cheerleader, coach, planner, organizer, dreamer, and eternal optimist who encourages women to calm the fuck down and enjoy life a little.

Stephanie Tindell

Stephanie has been attending yoga classes in the Pittsburgh area since 2013. She was first introduced to a "hot yoga studio" by her friend who just wanted a pal to tag along. After going to a couple of classes, she was hooked! The practice not only helped with flexibility but helped her connect on a deeper level with herself. She loved leaving the studio feeling at peace in her thoughts and comfortable in her skin. In 2019, she became a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance at Sangha Center for Yoga and Wellness in Beaver, PA. It is by far one of her favorite accomplishments. Through her love of yoga, she is able to teach both young and old in new and creative ways. Stephanie is always focused on keeping her classes welcoming and light-hearted so everyone can feel at ease.

Veronica Ventre

Veronica is a Certified Crystal Healing Bodyworker, Holistic Herbalist, Usui Reiki Master with a focus on Shamanic Inca Reiki and Cacao Ceremonialist. She is a natural-minded mom of two, passionate about the healing power of plants, art, history, yoga & meditation. She is looking forward to help guide and support you through understanding how your energy is impacting your life, and activating your spiritual and energetic healing potential. 

“After hearing from some friends about the benefits of reiki, I decided to reach out to Jessi to set up a session and give it a try. What an amazing experience!
This is such a unique sensation of calm, warmth and relaxation. I can only compare it to feeling like I was getting an enormous hug, filling me with warmth and draining away anxiety.
You have to try this with Jessi - she is so wonderful!”

- cathy griffith