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Recommended Aftercare

Following any service at SolSpace, it's best to stay hydrated and rest to allow your mind, body, and spirit to get the most out of your visit.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us! We are happy to help.

After your Infrared Sauna session:
* Drink at least 24 oz. of water to help you rehydrate.
* Take a shower to help remove any toxins that are on the outside of your skin. Your pores will be open following your sauna session, so avoid any harsh soaps or heavy lotions.

After your Salt Room session:
* Some people experience a slight runny nose or cough, or a minor tightness in the chest. These can be caused by the salt removing mucus and toxins from the body.
* Drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins that are working their way out of your body,

After your IonCleanse Detox Foot Bath session:
* Your body will continue to remove toxins after the foot bath is complete, so drink lots of water to keep hydrate and flush out the remaining toxins.

After your Reiki session:
*Drink plenty of water.
*Listen to your body's needs. Many people leave a Reiki session feeling refreshed, and some leave feeling more tired than usual. These are natural responses from the body.

Take the time to note how your body feels following any session. You may want to journal these thoughts and feelings to see if any common themes emerge following future sessions.

We want you to feel your best after every visit to solspace.

“After hearing from some friends about the benefits of reiki, I decided to reach out to Jessi to set up a session and give it a try. What an amazing experience!
This is such a unique sensation of calm, warmth and relaxation. I can only compare it to feeling like I was getting an enormous hug, filling me with warmth and draining away anxiety.
You have to try this with Jessi - she is so wonderful!”

- cathy griffith